Video shows how to identify and repair Windows error 0x80040154.  This includes enabling essential OPC features, which among other actions, also re-installs OPC core components automatically.

Troubleshooting Connection

  • Open “This Computer” to browse for available OPC servers
  • Normally, we would expect the computer to open, but it did not
  • In the event window we see OPC Expert shows error 0x80040154
  • Windows describes this error as “Class not registered”
  • The error means OPC classes are not registered in Windows Registry
  • These classes are registered by various OPC DLLs
  • When we double-click the error, we can see a verbose description of our issue
  • Like most OPC applications, OPC Expert uses “OpcEnum” to find available OPC servers, but OPC Expert could not start OpcEnum
  • OPC Expert’s intelligent troubleshooting automatically checked this computer’s registry and found essential OPC features are not properly configured
  • These features include OpcEnum and various DLLs necessary for OPC communication
  • OPC Expert can repair this error
  • Close the Message Information dialog box
  • In the menu, select “Tools” and then “Options…”
  • In the “Options” dialog box, select the “General” tab
  • Check the “Enable essential OPC features” checkbox
  • OPC Expert will repair the Windows Registry and configure OPC services properly
  • Click OK, let’s try browsing again
  • Right-click “This Computer” and select “Refresh” from the menu
  • OPC Expert can browse the computer
  • The same process applies to remote computers too
  • To ensure the problem is fixed, connect to an OPC server
  • The green checkmark confirms everything is alright
  • I can subscribe to some items and receive real-time data updates

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