How to archive real-time OPC data in Microsoft SQL Server. View data with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

The process has been broken into two parts:

  1. Select and archive data
    • Finding MS SQL Servers
      • Ensure OPC Expert searches for SQL Server (OPC Expert finds both local and remote SQL Servers)
      • View
        • Servers
          • Ensure ‘Microsoft SQL (MS SQL)’ is checked
      • SQL Server should appear after expanding your chosen OPC server
    • Select OPC items to archive
      • Connect to your chosen OPC server
        • Drag and drop the chosen data into the ‘Realtime Data’ section to subscribe
    • Archive data in MS SQL Server
      • Select all items in the ‘Realtime Data’ section and right-click to archive
        • Archive data in SQL (default option enable immediate data capture)
          • OPC Expert will store data in SQL server
  2. Use SQL Server Management Studio
    • Open SQL Server Management Studio
    • Connect to your OPC Server
    • OPC automatically created tables with the data

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