Find out how to update OPC Expert to a new version or release with our video, or follow the steps below

There are four required steps to updating your OPC Expert release or version.

  1. Disable OPC Expert features
    • Tools
      • Options
        • Service
          • Disable ‘Run OPC Expert as a Windows service’ if checked
        • OPC Servers
          • Disable ‘Enable OPC Expert Classic (DCOM) Servers Status: Not Installed’ if checked
          • Disable ‘Enable RTD server’ if checked
      • Click Okay
      • Close OPC Expert
  2. Delete OPC Expert files
    • Right click OPC Expert
      • Select ‘choose file location’
        • Delete OPC Expert files (except those files you want to keep)
  3. Copy new OPC Expert release
    • Copy and paste the new OPC Expert release into the file folder
  4. Enable OPC Expert Features
    • Run OPC Expert
      • Tools
        • Options
          • Enable the features you disabled in step one, if needed

Your OPC Expert will now run on the latest version

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