Archive OPC data to SQL, XML or CSV

Archive data with OPC Expert to Microsoft SQL (MS SQL) databases, XML files or even CSV files. OPC Expert captures data using OPC DA, OPC A&E, OPC .NET (OPC Xi) or OPC UA, and sends it to any of several permanent storage destinations; in this way, OPC Expert can be considered the “Swiss army knife” of OPC clients. There is no need to buy, install and maintain multiple OPC clients when OPC Expert has nearly everything you would ever need to manage your OPC network.

Capture alarms and events using OPC A&E, and store in any database. Benefit from a permanent record of process and equipment alarms, operator actions and any plant disturbances. Using a database (such as MS SQL) enables the creation of custom reports to eliminate nuisance alarms, find bad actors and focus maintenance efforts on areas in need.
Capture real-time data and store in a database or flat file (CSV or XML) to avoid expensive plant data historian solutions. OPC Expert is not a replacement for a full plant data historian such as OSIsoft PI, AspenTech InfoPlus.21, Honeywell PHD, Wonderware InSQL, Yokogawa ExaQuantum, etc., but instead offers added capabilities by enabling automation personnel to archive the data they require at a suitable frequency without disturbing their plant historian operation, or involving database administrators. Automation personnel can get their work done without requiring lengthy approvals and contentious work orders; they simply receive their data in the exact format they need so they can later import it into their own data analysis tools (such as Excel, LabView, Matlab, etc).
Event-based data capture enables OPC Expert to store data only when it changes, keeping file sizes small and avoiding the loss of any information.
Customized data start/stop events enable OPC Expert to be of particular use for batch operations. OPC Expert can start logging data only when a batch begins and stop data storage when the batch completes. This avoids storing bulky and useless data during transition periods between batches.
Easy data selection enables users to quickly select the data they want to archive, and immediately store it with a right-click. There is no need for users to receive expensive and inconvenient training.
OPC Expert does not require installation, does not change Windows Registry and is free to download making it safe to use on any computer. Download OPC Expert and begin capturing OPC data and archiving immediately in MS SQL or even XML and CSV files!

Do you need additional options or features specific to your production environment? Do you have any suggestions regarding additional features you would like added? Let us know, and we’ll happily consider implementing them in a future OPC Expert release.