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0x80040112 DCOM error (RSLinx OPC server)

0x80040112 DCOM error (RSLinx OPC server): When connecting to Rockwell RSLinx OPC server, OPC Expert (and other applications) may show DCOM error 0x80040112.  This error specifically informs users their [...]

Install Microsoft SQL Server

How to install Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express Edition and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Video also shows how to configure TCP/IP settings for port 1433. Download and [...]

Archive data in SQL Server

How to archive real-time OPC data in Microsoft SQL Server. View data with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). The process has been broken into two parts: Select and [...]

Browsing Remote Computers

OPC Expert browses remote computers and diagnoses communication problems such as 0x800706ba and 11004 Return to support

Snapshot of OPC settings

Create a Snapshot of DCOM settings affecting OPC communication Record all DCOM settings accurately Tools Snapshot of OPC settings Click 'create snapshot' OC Expert will create a Snapshot [...]

Updating OPC Expert Release or Version

Find out how to update OPC Expert to a new version or release with our video, or follow the steps below There are four required steps to updating [...]

Running OPC Expert as a Windows service

Running OPC Expert as a Windows service enables Windows to automatically startup OPC Expert when Windows starts. Tools Options Service Ensure 'Run OPC Expert as a Windows Service' [...]

0x800706BA DCOM Error

Cause The 0x800706BA DCOM error appears in an OPC Client application it is unable to connect to the OPC server, or loses an existing connection. An [...]

Getting started with OPC Expert

OPC Expert is a tool to view OPC data and troubleshoot connections. In this video tutorial we connect to local and remote OPC servers, and view real-time automation data.

Reasons network problems suddenly appear

OPC relies on DCOM, which uses reliable TCP/IP communication. TCP has built-in automated error recovery. So when a network packet is lost, TCP communication ensures the packet is automatically [...]