Non-stop monitoring to increase reliability

Monitor OPC data by continually checking individual OPC communication components such as OPC items, OPC servers, and computers directly in real-time. When OPC Expert detects a problem, it provides notification with a configurable trigger event and automated error logs for accurate post-mortem analysis. OPC Expert can differentiate between problems with network communication, firewalls, authentication, software faults and many others.

OPC trigger events enable OPC Expert to take automatic action and provide notification with automated actions. Monitoring can trigger OPC redundancy actions such as a failover, or fail-back. Send customized emails (including event information such as item values and custom messages), play a sound or even launch your own applications, batch files or PowerShell scripts. See also Trigger events.
Computer monitoring enables OPC Expert to relentlessly check the availability of each computer. If computers do not respond in a timely manner, OPC Expert notifies users and logs the problem. Reviewing the log enables troubleshooting troublesome communication by differentiating computer hardware and network problems from software faults.
OPC server monitoring enables OPC Expert to differentiate problems on the client and server computers. These affect synchronous (polling) requests and asynchronous (callbacks) communication. OPC Expert can also diagnose a wide variety of intermittent problems due to DCOM configuration changes, specific OPC server behavior, application crashes, etc.
Item monitoring enables OPC Expert to create custom trigger events based on item behavior. OPC Expert differentiates between various abnormal conditions such as when items stop changing, exceed a value, have a bad quality, etc. See also Trigger events.
OPC Event monitoring also appears in the OPC Event window at the bottom of OPC Expert where users can immediately review the latest problems.
Customize response time to compensate for network setup and delays. For example: LAN communication should be quick, so delays would indicate a problem. When monitoring over a WAN, OPC Expert can relax its expectations and wait longer for OPC applications to respond before triggering events.
OPC Expert does not require installation, does not change Windows Registry and is free to download, making it safe to use on any computer. Download OPC Expert today and begin monitoring OPC data to find system faults and diagnose communication problems.

Do you need additional options or features specific to your production environment? Do you have any suggestions regarding additional features you would like added? Let us know, and we’ll happily consider implementing them in a future OPC Expert release.