View real-time OPC data in Excel

OPC to Microsoft Excel is possible using OPC Expert with a quick drag-and-drop. Join the ease of Excel with OPC for powerful results. View real-time OPC data, create complex calculations, generate reports, and more with OPC Expert. OPC Expert supports OPC DA, OPC HDA, OPC .NET and even OPC UA.

Read a Case Study to see how OPC Expert to Excel functionality has been utilized to create a custom HMI directly within Excel.

View real-time data in Excel with ease. Drag items from the OPC Viewer window and drop them on Excel. Excel begins reading realtime data from any OPC DA server and enables anyone to access OPC data from a familiar Microsoft tool.
Create complex calculations using OPC realtime data and write them back to any OPC DA server. Use any of Excel’s built-in functions or even create custom calculations in Excel using a familiar interface.
Generate reports using dynamic real-time data from any OPC server. Once the report template is complete, the OPC-to-Excel functionality provides real-time data to create dynamic documents.
Export historical process data using OPC HDA from any process historian such as OSIsoft PI, AspenTech InfoPlus.21, Honeywell PHD, Microsoft SQL (MS SQL), Wonderware InSQL, Yokogawa ExaQuantum, etc. OPC-to-Excel capabilities enable OPC Expert to provide raw (unprocessed) data or even interpolated (processed) data directly into an Excel spreadsheet, or even an XML or CSV file.
Built-in Microsoft Office RTD functionality enables OPC-to-Excel capabilities using any version of Microsoft Excel. OPC-to-Excel power comes from using Microsoft’s RTD (real-time data) server functionality, which is Microsoft’s preferred method to access Excel (superior to DDE). Simply enable OPC Expert’s Excel RTD server and Excel will come to life with real-time and historical OPC Classic (OPC DA and HDA), OPC .NET (OPC Xi) and OPC UA.
Record OPC server configuration parameters in Excel. OPC Expert provides Excel with all OPC server item configuration information including item path, data types, current value, timestamp and more.

Subsecond performance enables OPC-to-Excel functionality to increase effectiveness. The higher the PC’s performance, the more calculations can be done each second, all the way to one-millisecond updates (1,000 times-per-second) per item. OPC Expert even makes the calculation engine more efficient by providing only updates instead of forcing Excel to recalculate each cell every time.

OPC Expert does not require installation, does not change Windows Registry and is free to download, making it safe to use on any computer. Download OPC Expert and experience the ease of OPC-to-Excel data acquisition.

Do you need additional options or features specific to your production environment? Do you have any suggestions regarding additional features you would like added? Let us know, and we’ll happily consider implementing them in a future OPC Expert release.