Resolve DCOM communication issues with OPC Tunneler

OPC Expert has built-in OPC tunneling enabling OPC data transfer by a mechanism other than DCOM. Don’t waste time fighting with DCOM settings. OPC Tunneler provides an option to get OPC data moving quickly. Consider OPC tunneling when DCOM configuration is not appropriate or to avoid configuring DCOM altogether.

Read our case study to find out how one client used OPC Expert’s OPC Tunneler functionality.

OPC Expert’s tunneling is unique because it uses standards-based communication instead of proprietary methods:

OPC UA provides standard-based infrastructure enabling OPC Expert to tunnel without forcing users to rely on proprietary software made by a single vendor. Instead, users can mix and match OPC Expert’s tunneling with any software application supporting OPC UA.
Optional Windows security can be used when working in a Windows environment. Users can benefit from their existing IT infrastructure investment like domain authentication or even reliable local accounts.
Optional OPC UA security can be used when connecting to OPC UA clients or servers. Choose from available connection methods using 128-bit or 256-bit encryption. OPC Expert uses reliable communication libraries directly from the OPC Foundation as opposed to vendor-independent libraries lacking open-source transparency.
Secure data transportation enables OPC Expert to smoothly and reliably transport data between its tunnels while preventing hacking attempts from eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks. Data transportation mechanisms include high-speed binary encoding, or HTTP and XML to enable the crossing of highly restrictive network barriers.
Single port communication enables users to easily configure the tunnel to use any port they require. OPC Expert’s default tunneling port is 58888 and users can change this port to comply with IT requirements and firewall traffic allowance. In addition, the port only needs to be opened in one direction and no additional ports are required to establish callbacks.
OPC Expert does not require installation, does not change Windows Registry and is free to download, making it safe to use on any computer. Download OPC Expert and use the OPC tunnel immediately.

Do you need additional options or features specific to your production environment? Do you have any suggestions regarding additional features you would like added? Let us know, and we’ll happily consider implementing them in a future OPC Expert release.