One tool to view all OPC data

OPC Expert not only enables easy viewing of all your OPC data, it packs all the features you would ever need to analyze your data. Whether you’re looking to analyze multiple data points over a period of time or you want to drill into specific details of an event, OPC Expert makes it easy. Unlike other OPC viewing tools that leave you guessing if a data connection is lost, OPC Expert tells you exactly what is happening. Troubleshooting and monitoring is now done with one tool.

View data from any OPC server including OPC Classic (OPC DA, A&E and HDA) OPC .NET (OPC Xi) and OPC UA. The Tree View Window enables browsing OPC server contents, and retrieval (subscribing to) all available data. Access all OPC Expert information in the OPC Viewer window.
Navigating and controlling OPC Expert is natural as it enables the use of either the mouse or keyboard. Subscribe to items using familiar operations such as double-click, drag-and-drop or a right-click menu. Information on each item contains the data type, connection information, data quality, timestamp, etc. Users can adjust the size of each column enabling a focus on the most important information.
Color coding and familiar notation makes it easy to recognize the difference between a working OPC server and a problematic connection. A green checkmark means all verifications passed. A yellow exclamation mark means OPC Expert encountered some problems, and the associated warning (including corrective action) is available in the Event Viewer window. This yellow exclamation also means OPC Expert is able to work around the problem and that data is still useful. A red cross indicates OPC Expert encountered an error it could not automatically overcome. A detailed error message will appear in the Event Window (described below).
OPC Alarms and Events (OPC A&E) views are available from the OPC Viewer. The Alarms and Events tab enables users to subscribe to any OPC server supporting OPC A&E. Subscribe to all alarms and events or use available filters to retrieve subsections of data.
Communication Event Window at the bottom of the view displays status information on all OPC server and data connections. When OPC Expert encounters communication errors, it displays said information in the Event Window. Users can double-click each message to read the diagnosis including verbose error descriptions, their cause and detailed recommended actions to repair the problem.
Data activities such trending, archiving, bridging and many more, are all available from the Data View window using the right-click menu. This centers user activity in a single location making it easy to manage OPC data.

Do you need additional options or features specific to your production environment? Do you have any suggestions regarding additional features you would like added? Let us know, and we’ll happily consider implementing them in a future OPC Expert release.