Define custom events to trigger automated actions

OPC Triggers enable automated actions based on user-defined events. Use this functionality to enable immediate action based on abnormal situations. Automated actions include automatic reconnections or even failovers (when using redundancy). OPC Expert also notifies users by email, sound or by running custom batch files or scripts.

Trigger events based on multiple criteria. Start options include detecting when item qualities are bad (or even uncertain), or when OPC communication stops due to a network or software failure. Other options include detecting when item values reach a pre-determined level, do not change within a given time period or when a value does change.

Take multiple automated actions when OPC Expert detects an event.

Execute a specific file to run a custom application, batch file, or script (such as VBA or PowerShell).
Provide feedback with sound by automatically playing a sound file (WAV, MP3, MP4, AVI, etc). These sound files can even contain customized instructions to users.
Send email notifications when events occur. Information includes configurable mail servers, to/from addresses, subject lines, current item values (at the time of event) and even the cause of the event. This helps troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently. Also, since OPC Expert includes server uptime and key Operating System information, diagnosis becomes even easier as failure patterns emerge.
Re-establish OPC communication immediately by reconnecting to an OPC server based on a problem, or trigger a failover to a redundant (standby) OPC server. This enables OPC Expert to quickly trigger a reconnection (i.e. disconnect and reconnect), or force a manual failover.
OPC Expert does not require installation, does not change Windows Registry and is free to download, making it safe to use on any computer. Download OPC Expert, define custom events to trigger automated actions and ensure OPC communication is working at peak reliability.

Do you need additional options or features specific to your production environment? Do you have any suggestions regarding additional features you would like added? Let us know, and we’ll happily consider implementing them in a future OPC Expert release.